Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I become a member of the WSGA?
Simply go to a golf course/club in your area and ask to join the WSGA. Or, click here to join online.

Do you allow individual memberships?
Individual members must join through a member club. The requirements of the United States Golf Association state that individuals belonging to a club, must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other and shall appoint a Handicap Committee to assure the integrity of the handicaps issued.

What is Wisconsin Golfer and how can I get it?
Wisconsin Golfer magazine, the official publication of the Wisconsin State Golf Association, is emailed out monthly to WSGA Associate Members.  Every issue features stories on golf courses, tournaments, instruction, Rules of Golf and other golf-related items.  The Wisconsin Golf Yearbook and Course Directory, which is mailed in February or March, includes listings for private, semi-private, daily fee and municipal golf courses throughout Wisconsin.

Any WSGA Associate Members not currently receiving this magazine can be added to the mailing list by supplying the WSGA with their email address. This can be done by calling 414-443-3560 or emailing

What is a multi-member?
A multi-member is a WSGA Associate Member that belongs to more than one WSGA member course/club. A multi-member should have their course/club affiliations linked so they have the same Handicap ID at each course/club. Any person requiring this service should contact their golf professional or notify the WSGA.

I got a hole-in-one. What should I do?
Congratulations! Please complete the hole-in-one registration form to receive a recognition certificate.


Where can I get a tournament entry blank for a WSGA or USGA tournament?
Online entry registration is available at  Entries can also be downloaded from the WSGA website. If you can not get an entry from any of the above, individual entries are available through the WSGA office (414) 443-3560.  USGA entries are available through the USGA website. The USGA does not mail tournament entries.

Do you allow for tournament entry blanks to be faxed in?
Yes, provided the method of payment of entry fees is by credit card. The WSGA accepts MasterCard, Visa and/or Discover.


Can I post a score over the Internet?
Yes. Each WSGA member has an online member account, which includes the ability to post scores online and through the WSGA mobile app. To retrieve your login information, click here or email

Can I post scores outside of Wisconsin?
Yes. Rounds played in an area observing an active season are acceptable for score posting. For a list of active seasons, click here.

Should I post an away score at that course or wait to get back to my home course/club?
The WSGA strongly recommends that all players post their scores where they play to ensure the most current and accurate Handicap Index. Scores can be posted at any course/club that has a computer entry system.

When can I post a score in Wisconsin?
The active golf season in Wisconsin is from April 1st to October 31st. Rounds played in Wisconsin from November 1st to March 31st are not acceptable for handicap purposes.

Golf rounds played in areas that are within their active system (i.e. warm weather states) should be posted. This can be done through your online account, the WSGA mobile app, or can be entered at your home course/club in April.

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