About The WSGA

The Wisconsin State Golf Association was formed and exists for the general purpose of promoting and conserving, throughout the State of Wisconsin, the best interests and the true spirit of the game of golf.

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About The WSGA

Mission Statement

The Wisconsin State Golf Association was formed and exists for the general purpose of promoting and conserving, throughout the State of Wisconsin, the best interests and the true spirit of the game of golf. Included within the general purpose are:

  • To cooperate with and assist the United States Golf Association and other recognized golf associations in the promotion and advancement of the game of golf.

  • To hold a Wisconsin amateur championship each year and to promote and sponsor such other tournaments as may be approved by the Board of Directors.

  • To establish or adopt and maintain a uniform handicap system and a uniform system for measuring and rating individual golf courses.

  • To promote and assist in funding of scholarships for caddies, or other approved golf-related individuals or purposes, either alone or in conjunction with other golf associations.

  • To do and perform all other related acts necessary to carry out the general purposes and the foregoing specific purposes. This may include promoting and sponsoring of golf trips for the benefit of members of association clubs and courses.


The Wisconsin State Golf Association is a 501[c]6 organization comprised of member golf clubs located in the state of Wisconsin and individual golfing members. The WSGA is directed by a statewide Board of Directors including officers, active past presidents and volunteer Associate Directors who donate their time and services while paying their own expenses. The daily affairs of the WSGA are managed by a full-time executive director, department heads, and an administrative staff; augmented with part-time seasonal help.

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In 1901, nine clubs organized to form the Wisconsin State Golf Association.  Spurred by an ongoing desire for competition, these clubs created the nucleus of what would become today’s WSGA.  The nine clubs making up the association consisted of Janesville Sinnissippi Golf Club, Milwaukee Country Club, Maple Bluff Country Club in Madison, Kenosha Country Club, Riverview Country Club in Appleton, Oshkosh Country Club, Schagkticoke Country Club in La Crosse, Racine Country Club, and Tuscumbia Country Club in Green Lake.

Hamilton Vose of the Milwaukee Country Club was the first WSGA President and also won the first WSGA Amateur Championship held at the Sinnissippi Golf Club in 1901. As the association grew, the tournament schedule was expanded. A father-son (Pater-Filius) event was established in 1911 and a Yule Cup team championship was first held in 1916. The Junior Championship started in 1924. In 1968, the WSGA and the WPGA founded the Nelthorpe Cup matches named for the long-time Westmoor Country Club golf professional, Burns O. “Blackie” Nelthorpe.

It wasn’t until 1971 that the WSGA initiated its next major state championship- the Bestball (Four-Ball) event. The following year, 1972, the WSGA Governor’s Cup Championship was formed for members between the ages of 40 and 55.

In 1975, the WSGA Match Play Championship was re-instated after the State Amateur and the State Junior had been changed to Stroke Play in 1971. Then, in 1981, the first WSGA State Senior Championship was played at Blackhawk Country Club in Madison, followed by the WSGA State Senior Bestball Championship which began in 1986 at the Chenequa Country Club in Hartland. The WSGA Net Partners tournaments and a Net Partners Championship were introduced in 1995 to offer another dimension in the expansion of the WSGA competitive tournament program. In 1997, the WSGA inaugurated the Director’s Cup Championship, a tournament for members between the ages of 25 and 40, at South Hills Golf and Country Club in Fond du Lac. In 2000, the WSGA started the WSGA 2-Man Team Championship to add a little more of a spectrum of golf championships for its members. The WSGA Senior Tour was added in 2010 and has since expanded to 20 events and a championship. The WSGA Senior 2-Man Team Championship was added in 2013 to create a separate multi-format championship for seniors. In 2014, the Director’s Cup Championship and Governor’s Cup Championship were combined into the WSGA Mid-Amateur Championship, which is open to players 25 and older.


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