World Handicap System

The World Handicap System launched on January 1, 2020!

To help educate your membership, we strongly encourage you to use the resources that we have gathered here for you. You may want to link your website to this page and we highly recommend printing out the WHS posters and displaying them around your club.

The Rules of Handicapping are now available!  You can view the manual using this link.

The Handicap Committee Guide is also available. You can view the manual using this link.

All existing WSGA members were issued 8-digit numbers under the World Handicap System.  This 8-digit number replaced the 6-digit one.  All score history, information and passwords carried over.

Watch what you need to know about the World Handicap System.
WHS Overview

Read more about the key changes that were made to the WHS.
Key Changes

Learn about the new Course and Playing Handicap calculations under the WHS.

In Q&A form, learn about the WHS and the Rules of Handicapping.

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Big Fish Golf Club

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